Artists in Residency

Imagine dimensional gates opening and you are arriving at a 5D magical mountain which frequency is comparable with the concept of “heaven on earth”.  Upon arrival in this Paradise you immediately feel welcomed by an invisible force that emanates from the vibrancy of nature.

A powerful experience to self-actualize your Inner Artist with the magical nurturing of nature in Costa Rica


  • Art Making
  • Inner Artist Activation
  • Nature Immersion
  • Learn how to draw and paint with 2 hands in Unison
  • Meditation
  • Guided Adventures
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Food Exploration


1. Builders, creating Art using natural elements from Nature.

2. Multi-disciplinary Artists Painters / Mixed Media / Craft / Sculptors / Art Installations / Musicians / Writers / Food artists: Cooks

3. Conscious Media – Photography / Video Journalism  / Video Editors / Graphic Designers

4. Healing Arts. Yoga / Massage / Tai-Chi / Chi-gon / Reiki / Cooking / Nutrition

5. Veggies Growers / Planting / hydroponics

6. Fashion Designers / Costumes Avatars / Tribal

7. 100% Nature Lovers

8. Artists in a Self-Transformative Journey

7 Days Alchemy Art Village Immersion


Program Dates:

July 20th – 26th

July 27th – Aug 2nd

Aug 3rd – 9th


* 7 The Full Curriculum

* 2 meals a day: Breakfast and early Supper

* All Art materials

* All Workshops

* Guided Adventure to the Nauyaca Waterfall

* Guided Adventure to Ventanas Beach

* Guided Rituals and Ceremonies

*  Dance/ Yoga / Meditation

NOT Included:

* Air and Land Transportation

* Additional Meals

* Entrance ticket to the Nauyaca Waterfall

Artist Application pdf

ACCOMMODATIONS ChíArt Guests’ House 

This is an artsy cozy house where all the furniture has been originally designed and custom made; where every room has a hand painted Mural and art objects that resonate harmony. You’ll enjoy a spot for meditation, massage and a cozy porch to chill-out, filled with exotic plants.

Outside, in the horizon across the green mountains you have the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean

Near the house you have Banana trees, Coconut trees, Mango Trees, Lemon trees, Guanabana trees, pineapples and more exotic fruit trees original to Costa Rica.

Love hummingbirds?

Be prepared to enjoy their presence along with many other colorful birds originally from the mountains. An amazing variety of Butterflies including the blue morpho are also residents in this Paradise. More, You’ll be breathing a delicious pure air and drinking water that comes from our own natural spring. At night time there’s a lullaby from the crickets.

LOCATION: We are located in “PLATANILLO”  Province of Perez Zeledón, Costa Rica. It is a 3 hours car ride from San José International Airport -Juan Santamaria-

The mountain road coming to The Alchemy Art Village has spectacular views get your camera ready!


We recommend you flight in the morning and get to Costa Rica no later than 11:30 A.M. You are flying to San José, Costa Rica. International Airport Juan Santamaria. From there you have the following options:

1. We can arrange a Chofer that will pick you up a the International Airport Juan Santamaria. The road trip takes about a 3:20 hour to our door. Price $120 USD

    2. Also, we can pre-reserved and Uber for you that pick you up at the International Airport and take  you to the Bus Station in San Jose MUSOC this Uber costs around 5,000 colones  (about $8 USD)
    3. At the bus-station you need to purchase  a bus ticket to San Isidro del General. Buses are GREAT! very confortable, they have an under storage where to store your big pieces of luggage  and the ride-views to our Alchemy Art Village are stunning. It is about a  3:50 Hour ride. And it only costs 3,500 Colones (about $7 USD)
    4. Once you arrived to San Isidro del General we can arrange a chofer to pick you up at the bus-station and bring you to our door in Alchemy Art Village. This ride is about $15,000 (aprox $25 USD)

5. You also have the choice to get the Bus that rides from San Isidro to our property, which is just 1,000 colones $1.7 USD) and it stops right in front of our Property. However, the last bus leaves San Isidro at 4 P.M. And you’ll need to get a taxi to go to the local Bus-Station from the Bus Station where you arrived from San José

6. We suggest you choose the total stress-free option which is Your Chofer from the Intl Airport to Alchemy Art Village;  specially when you are arriving for the first time and by yourself. I always have a budget aside to enjoy the ride, stops wherever I want for pictures, stop to eat in a delicious place and have the ride “my way”.  But you can choose what is more convenient for your budget. We will help you in all the steps.

    7. Send us an email or FB PM with you flight itinerary to make the proper transportation arrangements for you! See you soon in Paradise.

8. If you have questions please send us a WhatsApp +50682389622 or FB Private Message even better. 

This is a privileged location 7 min from the famous Nauyaca Waterfalls. 20 min away from Dominical Beach. 35 min away from Manuel Antonio Natural Reserved. 20 min away from “Chiripo” the tallest mountain of Central America.

Need more info? Call us WhatsApp +50682389622


Space is limited. There are only 6 Spots. Secured  your spot now pay in full or make a 50% deposit of $ 348.50

Payment Options

Due date Deposit for

July 20th – 26th: Due July 7th

July 27th – Aug 2nd: Due July 14th

Aug 3rd – 9th: Due July 22

Due date for full Payment

July 20th – 26th: Due July 12th 

July 27th – Aug 2nd: Due July 20th 

Aug 3rd – 9th: Due July 27th

Refund Policy: All purchases are final. Deposit won’t be refund unless it was an emergency -must be explain via email:

Deposit and final Payment can be transferable to other artists that fit Criteria and is approved to attend the Curriculum. All transferring must be done 11 days before date of arrival.


Clothing: Bring light layers, preferable earthy colors and cotton. A light sweater for the night or early mornings. Bring hiking boots or a pair of shoes you do not mind get them muddy; it is rainy season in Pura Vida land and we are going to have Eco-art-immerssions. Also, bring a plastic cape for the rain, it can be helpful.

Costumes: Bring a costume or costumes of  1. “little-girl” or “little-boy”. 2. Any character you want to bring. We will be having lots of fun! During our Creative-Experientail Processes .

Also, come prepare with an Art Project/idea you will like to create while your Residency at Alchemy Art Village. The parameters are: 1. working with Imagery/inspiration from Fauna and Flora of this region. There is such amazing variety of living creatures to choose from, it is fabulous!

More: Bring, mosquito repellent, bathing suit, your own sketch book or diary, any musical instrument you love, your crystals (if you feel like) and anything you want to share:) Example: inciense, a book, a little artwork of yours… you get the idea.

Alchemy Art Village – Artist in Residence Application

About You


Professional Experience

Artistic Talents



Degree or Learning Experience

Explain what you’re especially good at.
What sets you apart? Use your own language–not jargon.

Volunteer Experience or Leadership

Workshops, Ceremonies, Modalities, Service

Discuss workshops and events you have led or participated in that were meaningful to you.

You can also Apply to our Artists Volunteers Program check it out, here in our website!