2020 Artists RETREAT in Paradise!

Meeting of Visionary-Minds

Reunión de Mentes-Visionarias

Join us this End of Spring and beginning of Summer 2020!

2020 Theme: …Now What? …Ahora Que?

Would you like to meet in Paradise and inter-act with other Visionary Artists of great Creative-Minds?

¿Te gustaría conocer e interactuar en el Paraíso con otros Artistas Visionarios de Mentes muy Creativas? 

This is an Individual and Collective Creative Adventure answering the Question…Now What? Our Alchemy-Art Program uses advanced Art-Protocols to facilitate higher self-knowledge and self-creation’s experience; at the same time is easy and great fun.

Esta es una aventura creativa Individual y Colectiva contestando la pregunta...Ahora Que? El Programa del Arte~Alquímica utiliza Protocolos avanzados para facilitarle una experiencia elevada de auto-conocimiento y auto-creación; y al mismo tiempo es fácil y muy divertido.

Que es el Arte~Alquímica?

En términos metafísicos El Arte~Alquímica es el Arte de la Auto-transformacion, Auto-creacion y Auto-soberanía de tu Ser-Consciente .

En términos artísticos el Arte~Alquímica es un Juego avanzado de Imaginaria y Vivencias Individuales y Colectivas.

En términos filosóficos el Arte~Alquímica nos muestra una realidad ilimitada en vez de limitada y se basa en los principios cósmicos y naturales de manifestación.

En En términos espirituales el Arte~Alquímica nos conecta con nuestro ser Divino, el ser~consciencia que emana de la fuente y es la fuente en si misma y de este modo nos devela nuestro poder divino creador.

“El Arte~Alquímica aplicada es un Programa activador de Mentes-Maestras que duro haciéndose 7 años. Cada Juego/ taller / protocolo /está diseñado para activar un flujo expansivo de grandes cantidades de Materia-Creativa en cada participante. Es como desarrollar una inteligencia superior.” ~Chia Ortegón

“Alchemy Art applied is a Master-Minds’s Activator, Creative Program. And, it was in the making for 7 years. Each hands-on Play/ workshop / protocole / is designed to Activate an Expanded flow of Creative matter in each participant. It is like developing a superior intelligence.” ~Chia OrtegónA

And so, WHAT IS THE ALCHEMICAL SAFARI? The Alchemical Safari? Is your Journey! Imagine like a video-game but this is “real” And in this journey, your journey! You are also the “Creator”

Y entonces, ¿QUÉ ES EL SAFARI ALQUÍMICO? ¿El safari alquímico? Es tu viaje! Imagina como un videojuego pero esto es “real” ¡Y en este viaje, tu viaje! También eres el “Creador”

Check out this Video with the highlights from our 2019 Alchemical Safari in Paradise, Costa Rica.

Join us this End of Spring and beginning of Summer 2020!


May 23rdt-30th √ Jun 6-13th √ Jun 20th-27

In 2020 we will have 3 Retreats. Choose your dates!

√ This is an Artist Retreat for International Artists. We encourage artists of all nationalities to Enroll!

Este es un retiro para Artistas Internacionales. ¡Alentamos a los artistas de todas las nacionalidades a inscribirse!

Important: We accept maximum 13 students per period. We reserved the right of admission after evaluating Artist credentials.

Importante: Aceptamos un máximo de 13 estudiantes por período. Nos reservamos el derecho de admisión después de evaluar las credenciales del artista.

What to Bring?

Enroll Now


REGISTRATION CLOSES May 21st at 12:00 Midnight

What is Included? Full 7 days Immersive Tuition, 8 nights Lodging and Meals, Fire Ceremony, Various Art Materials, Studio Time, WiFi Connection.

What is not Included? Is not included: your Airline Ticket to Costa Rica. Is not Included your Land Transportation in Costa Rica. Is not Included your entrance ticket to Nauyaca Waterfall -$8 dollars per person- And the Cacao Ceremony $10 USD per person.What is Included?

Alchemical Safari PROGRAM:

Day 1<•> Arrival day Welcoming Dinner & Introductory round table.

Day 2 <•> Visit to Nauyaca Waterfall. Hiking to the Nauyaca Waterfalls. This is an Eco-Immersion and Decompression experience. The intention during this journey is to “earthing” and to intentionally open up your perception to see more! Spontaneous painting and creative photography are encouraged. You’ll be challenged to get grounded and stay present as you might see Monkeys, Horses, Butterflies, Birds, Guacamayas, wild fruits, vibrant live rocks, a soothing river and more! It all depends of your own perception. Remember? This is your Journey! Once you arrive to the magnificent Nauyaca Waterfall she will embrace you with her revitalizing and powerful water~droplets.

Suggested Colors of the Day? Rainbow

Day 3<•> “Installing” your Cosmic Child Avatar. This Alchemy-Art Protocol is great fun! we are going to play a very creative game with the Intention to GIVE PERMISSION to the mind of the adult to think “out of the box”. Giving permission to the mind of the adult to be free like a child again. What about getting a license to dare?

Suggested olors of the day: Orange, Yellow and earth colors

Day 4 <•> Cacao ceremony and Eco-Renaissance Dance. The ceremonial cacao activates physically different parts of the body and also activates metaphysically the electromagnetics of the body. We are going to connect intentionally with the nature in our bodies. In the knowing that we are also nature.

Day 5 <•> …“Now What?” Playshop. Today each one of the participants are going to RESPOND to the question …“Now What?” This is a hands on Playshop in the Creation of individual, using writing or painting, or drawing, or performance or dance. … Now what? What is your new story? During this playshop you first “reconnect” with your Higher-Self, learn his/her name and developed a synergistic Frame of Work as to how use the guidance of your higher-self to discover your Artist’s Purpose and further manifest your Gift & Service into the world. Be prepared to have a “download” and Dare to re-discover your greatest you.

Colors: Radiant Golden

Day 6 <•> Play-Shop “Painting is Silence with your two hands in Unison”. During this Alchemical-Play-Shop you will ACTIVATE the connection of your Right-and Left Brain hemispheres. Be prepared to welcome your female and male energies within. This is a deep self-discovery experience. You’ll learn how to paint with your two hands in UNISON and make Silence for 5 hours as you paint. By painting with your two hands in Unison with a specific sequence of color palette you will integrate left and right brain and among many other benefits, your intuition expands and you may have aha-moments, but most importantly you’ll experience the connection between your female-male energies and the potentiality for your Creative expression, tapping consciously into a larger self-discovery.

Suggested colors of the day: Greens however we will use a larger palette.

Day 7 <•> ART WORKS PRESENTATION On day 7th during the day each one of us is going to present to our group of participants how did we answer individually the question…“Now what?” We will be showing all the Artworks we created during our Alchemical Safari Experience. The show is in our Art Gallery. It is going to be a very exciting day of sharing art and integrating experiences.

By today it is possible that many of you have already discovered or clarified your Artist’s Purpose and most likely have unveiled your Gift & Service to the world.

EVENING TIME Fire Circle and Closing Ceremony. Day Ends with a “magical” Fire Journey Ceremony. During this fire circle ceremony, we close our Mastermind Program.

Day 8 <•> Early morning Departure day


Chía Ortegón~Alchemy Artista IG @ChiaOrtegónArt @AlchemyArtVillag <•> FB: Chia Ortegon Art <•> WEbsite: www.chiaortegonart.com

QUIEN? Chía Ortegón~Alchemy Artista IG @ChiaOrtegónArt @AlchemyArtVillage <•> FB: Chia Ortegon Art <•> WEbsite: www.chiaortegonart.com

WHERE? Alchemy Art Village. An Eco-Art Paradise in Costa Rica. Imagine you are arriving to an Eco-Art Oasis specially designed to upgrade your Creativity. Welcome to our 2019 International Artists Retreat in Alchemy Art Village, Costa Rica.

How many times have you heard the importance for an Artist to get immerse in Nature? To rejuvenate your creativity and expand your artistic talents. Since the moment of arrival you feel energetically supported by the most beautiful vibrant eco-system.

Join us for a life time expansion of you Creative Process. The Alchemical Safari is a hands-on Experimental Art-project.

Imagine what you could create, when you have access to unlimited Creative Matter.

Your name will be on it soon:)

Artist’s Guest House

This is an artsy cozy house where all the furniture has been originally designed and custom made; where every room has a hand painted Mural and art objects that resonate harmony. Also, you’ll enjoy a deck for meditation, a jungle style sacred-space for massage and a cozy porch to chill-out.

Outside, in the horizon across the green mountains we admire the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean

Near the house we have Banana trees, Coconut trees, Mango Trees, Lemon trees, Guanabana trees, pineapples and other exotic fruits trees original to Costa Rica.

Love hummingbirds?

We have hummingbirds and a variety of colorful birds originally from the mountains. We also have a variety of Butterflies and even an Armadillo:)

Eco-Immersion? Yes. You’ll be breathing a delicious pure air and drinking water that comes from our own natural spring. At night time there’s a lullaby from the crickets.

LOCATION: We are located in “PLATANILLO” Province of Perez Zeledón, Costa Rica. It is a 3 hours car ride from San José International Airport -Juan Santamaria-

The mountain road coming to The Alchemy Art Village has spectacular views get your camera ready!


We recommend you flight in the morning and get to Costa Rica no later than 11:30 A.M. You are flying to San José, Costa Rica. International Airport Juan Santamaria. From there you have the following options:

1. We can arrange a Chofer that will pick you up a the International Airport Juan Santamaria. The road trip takes about a 3:20 hour to our door. Price $120 USD

2. You also have the choice to get the Bus that rides from San Isidro to our property, which is just 1,000 colones $1.7 USD) and it stops right in front of our Property. However, the last bus leaves San Isidro at 4 P.M. And you’ll need to get a taxi to go to the local Bus-Station from the Bus Station where you arrived from San José

We suggest you choose total stress-free option 1. Which is to have a Chofer picking you up from Intl Airport, Juan Santamaria to Alchemy Art Village, Platanillo; specially when you are arriving for the first time and by yourself. I always have a budget aside to enjoy the ride, stops wherever I want for pictures, stop to eat in a delicious place and have the ride “my way”.  But you can choose what is more convenient for your budget. We will help you in all the steps.

If you have questions please send us a WhatsApp +50682389622 or even better: FB Private Message Alchemy Art Village. 

We have for you a privileged location, 7 min from the famous Nauyaca Waterfalls. 20 min from Dominical Beach. 45 min from Manuel Antonio Natural Reserved. 20 min from “Chiripo” the tallest mountain of Central America.

Need more info? Call us WhatsApp +506 723 896 22

email: AlchemyArtVillage@gmail.com