Painting in Silence Retreat

Disconnect to Reconnect

$997 early bird registration


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Who will benefit the most? 

Women and men in the path of self-reinvention. People eager to access their new game. People wanting to experience an eco-art-immersion in Paradise.

What is included?
  1. 4 days Hands-On “Disconnect to Reconnect” Alchemy-Art-Workshops, discovering the advance art for self-reinvention. Fun, engaging and easy!
  2. 5 Days, 4 nights Accommodations at ChíArt Guest’s House… “Mi casa es su casa” located in  “Paradise” up in the mountains of Costa Rica.
  3. It also includes All other Art Materials: Acrylic Paints, Canvases, Masking Tape, Brushes for Acrylic paints, dry pastels, color pencils, professional markers, recycle materials to paint on and some cool acrylics construction medium. More, acrylic paint to paint on fabric. Natural Wood pieces to paint on.
  4. Tarot Cards from Salvador Dalí,  Divine Feminine Oracle, Angels and my Own “Eternal Lovers” Oracle Cards:) To have fun and insights during your self-transformational journey
  5. All the Organic Juices freshly made during fasting
  6. 1st Day Bath Ceremony at our Sacred Waterfall
  7. Introductory Conference Activation
  8. Learning how to paint with your two hands in Unison Workshop
  9. All guided meditations and activations
  10. The Opening Night Food-Feast Dinner
  11.  The Closing Night Food Feast Dinner

What is not included?
  1. Air Ticket
  2. Land Transportation in Costa Rica 

“Painting in Silence Retreat”

No painting experience is necessary

Lean how Painting in Silence and  Fasting are “secretive” Alchemical Mixture to Rejuvenate as you enter a state of “high vibration”

Physical rejuvenation happens! “Periods of no food for two to four days at a time over the course of six months — kill older and damaged immune cells and generate new ones”

High-Vibration Happens! When painting in silence the two hemispheres of your brain, left-right tune into each other and you start feeling really good. The truth is that  self-discovering your own body, mind and creative powers is so emotionally empowering!

 “This is why, coming to our Painting in  Silence Retreat is a self-loving Journey. When you take away all of the energy you put into your everyday to do’s  and  redirected to the parts of YOUR being you  normally ignore that is when you enter a new dimension of self-love.” -Alchemy Artista    

Painting in Silence Effects… 

clearing mental space to further encounter real solutions to old problems

√ accessing moments of great clarity

√ clearing your emotional  field from toxicity

harmonizing left and right brain hemispheres

√ ExpandING your Creativity in new ways

√ “Re-installaing” a new level of  Intuition 

~”Be Open…Silence is the land to plant multi-dimensional wealth” –


DAY 1:

√ Arrival and Registration

√ Welcoming Circle

√ Opening Night. Organic Food Feast Dinner

DAY 2:


√ Energetic/Activation Bath in our Sacred Waterfall. Feel the chill of Detoxing your energy field, time to let go of stress and Get Ready! This energetic activation is complete by “Awakening  your Inner Artist” visualization/meditation

√ Fasting starts (Drinking Coconut Water all day)

Science facts about fasting:

"...a study in the June 5 issue of the Cell Stem Cell shows that cycles of prolonged fasting not only protect against immune system damage — a major side effect of chemotherapy — but also induce immune system regeneration, shifting stem cells from a dormant state to a state of self-renewal."

"...The study has major implications for healthier aging, in which immune system decline contributes to increased susceptibility to disease as people age. By outlining how prolonged fasting cycles — periods of no food for two to four days at a time over the course of six months — kill older and damaged immune cells and generate new ones,"

√ Introductory Conference to the Program *Why do you need to Paint in Silence?* *How to Activate Your Right Brain?.

Short Exposition: *The Science of Color Vibration: What is The Color sequence that creates harmony between right and left brain hemispheres?*


√ Learning how to draw with your two hands in UNISON WORKSHOP

I will teach you a technique that will help you to connect the two brain hemispheres; is easy, fast and effective. Time disappears and one is totally in the present. People have reported incredible aha moments while in this state of consciousness.

√ Silence Begins. Setting the Intention while painting with your two hands for 4 hrs with acrylics, or watercolors, or color pencils and using your favorite colors.

Remember, intention is about self-love. The question is, what do you want to unveil -while painting- to access your next level of self-value?

Group Art Showing. Opens with Meditation after Silence follow by Integration sharing experiences Circle.

  • You are invited to participate in our Group showing, we are aiming to share our painting with two hands individual artworks .  Learning from each other alchemical journey. 
  • Closes with sharing most memorable experience from your day painting in silence and fasting.

DAY 3:

√ Fasting continues (Drinking Apple Juice from real apples to help detox the intestine, drinking as much as need it)

√ Silence Begins again

√ Painting with Blues (1:30 hrs)

√ Painting with Reds (1:30 hrs)

√ Painting with Greens (1:30 hrs)

√ Painting with Favorite Colors  (1:30hrs)

Early Evening, Around 6:30 P.M.  Group Art Showing and Integration Circle.

  • You are invited to participate in our Group showing, we are aiming to share  our ARTWORKS from the day. -no obligation of course- Learning from each other alchemical journey. 
  • Opens with Meditation to flow back from Silence
  • Closes with sharing most memorable experience from your day painting in silence and fasting.

DAY 4:



This 4rd day, you are going to make contact with your  higher-self while  painting “innocently” in Silence your self-portrait. 

√ Fasting continues until 6:00 P.M. when we will have our farewell Organic and vibrant Food Feast  (During the day, Drinking Green Juices from Organic veggies to continue detoxing)

√ Silence Begins again

Opening meditation at 9:09 A.M. Meeting your higher-light-self. Seeing your light colors. Acknowledging the Goddess-God Creator within, flowing out from linear  time.

√ Painting your self-portrait with the colors of your light being  -the colors you like the most-  painting for as many hours as you feel like. Giving yourself permission to get “on the Zone” where portals to another light vibrations open… for you! At this point of the Journey you need to set your INTENTION with great clarity and transparency to yourself.  During this Process is when you have the possibility to experience your future “time-lines” and choose! Choose wisely.

Mid-Afternoon 4:04 P.M. Group Art Showing Integration Circle. We will be showing our Self Portraits.

Begins with Meditation after Silence. Follows with sharing our aha-moments, visions, connections or nothingness  while painting our Self-Portraits.

Closes with Painting in Silence Best Memory Group Sharing.

6:00 P.M. Organic and vibrant Food Feast after fasting

8:08 P.M.- Till late  P.M. Cacao Ceremony, Fire Activation and SalsaOm dance, Final Closing Celebration.

Fire Activation

Dance Celebration

8:08 P.M. – Till late  P.M. Cacao Ceremony, Fire Activation and SalsaOm dance, Final Closing Celebration.

DAY 5:

Departure Day

What to Bring?

  • 3 sketchbooks for watercolor or 14 loose sheets for watercolor
  • A set of watercolor paint (amazon has one for $4,84)
  • Something to sit down (yoga mat, cushion or small light camping chair) 
  • Brushes -However, It will be brushes available for you to use- 

What else to bring?  Attire and Confort

  • Bring layers. Better cotton.
  • A light sweater for the night
  • Rubber boots for mud, plastic rain cape or small umbrella. Definitively bring the boots for mud or any other shoes you do not care to get wet and muddy.  Is rainy season in this magical Costa Rica mountain
  • An apron just in case you want to use it while painting
  • Any kind of costume. Whatever character you feel like bringing. For our Closing Celebration Night -No obligation-
  • A sense of wonder and discovery
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Bathing Suit
  • A crystal, tarot cards, book, totem or any other gift you want to leave at Alchemy Art Village. -no obligation whatsoever-
  • Your journal and/or camera
  • Remember to bring your vitamins, supplements or meds
  • And last but not least “Bring your inner artist” and the desire to have the best time!

Enroll now! $997 early bird registration. space is limited


ACCOMMODATIONS ChíArt Guests’ House 

“Mi casa es su casa”

This is an artsy cozy house where all the furniture has been originally designed and custom made; where every room has a hand painted Mural and art objects that resonate harmony. You’ll enjoy a spot for meditation, massage and a cozy porch to chill-out, filled with exotic plants.



Outside, in the horizon across the green mountains you have the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean


Near the house you have Banana trees, Coconut trees, Mango Trees, Lemon trees, Guanabana trees, pineapples and more exotic fruit trees original to Costa Rica.

Love hummingbirds?

Be prepared to enjoy their presence along with many other colorful birds originally from the mountains. An amazing variety of Butterflies including the blue morpho are also residents in this Paradise. More, You’ll be breathing a delicious pure air and drinking water that comes from our own natural spring. At night time there’s a lullaby from the crickets.



LOCATION: We are located in “PLATANILLO”  Province of Perez Zeledón, Costa Rica. It is a 3 hours car ride from San José International Airport -Juan Santamaria-

The mountain road coming to The Alchemy Art Village has spectacular views get your camera ready!


We recommend you flight in the morning and get to Costa Rica no later than 11:30 A.M. You are flying to San José, Costa Rica. International Airport Juan Santamaria. From there you have the following options:

1. We can arrange a Chofer that will pick you up a the International Airport Juan Santamaria. The road trip takes about a 3:20 hour to our door. Price $120 USD

    2. Also, we can pre-reserved and Uber for you that pick you up at the International Airport and take  you to the Bus Station in San Jose MUSOC this Uber costs around 5,000 colones  (about $8 USD)
    3. At the bus-station you need to purchase  a bus ticket to San Isidro del General. Buses are GREAT! very confortable, they have an under storage where to store your big pieces of luggage  and the ride-views to our Alchemy Art Village are stunning. It is about a  3:50 Hour ride. And it only costs 3,500 Colones (about $7 USD)
    4. Once you arrived to San Isidro del General we can arrange a chofer to pick you up at the bus-station and bring you to our door in Alchemy Art Village. This ride is about $15,000 (aprox $25 USD)

5. You also have the choice to get the Bus that rides from San Isidro to our property, which is just 1,000 colones $1.7 USD) and it stops right in front of our Property. However, the last bus leaves San Isidro at 4 P.M. And you’ll need to get a taxi to go to the local Bus-Station from the Bus Station where you arrived from San José

6. We suggest you choose the total stress-free option which is Your Chofer from the Intl Airport to Alchemy Art Village;  specially when you are arriving for the first time and by yourself. I always have a budget aside to enjoy the ride, stops wherever I want for pictures, stop to eat in a delicious place and have the ride “my way”.  But you can choose what is more convenient for your budget. We will help you in all the steps.

    7. Send us an email or FB PM with you flight itinerary to make the proper transportation arrangements for you! See you soon in Paradise.

8. If you have questions please send us a WhatsApp +50682389622 or FB Private Message even better. 

This is a privileged location 7 min from the famous Nauyaca Waterfalls. 20 min away from Dominical Beach. 35 min away from Manuel Antonio Natural Reserved. 20 min away from “Chiripo” the tallest mountain of Central America.

Need more info? Call us WhatsApp +50682389622



Choose between these two options:



Space is limited, this Retreat gets full pretty fast. Get your spot now

$997 Early Bird Registration from August 27th  to Set 15th

$ 1,097 Late registration From Set 15th to Set 20th. You can also pay cash upon arriving.

Early Bird and Late Date

 I challenge you!  Come and experience your inner and outer Paradise!