2021 Wizards Master Mind RETREAT

AUGUST 15 – 22 Costa Rica

We are so excited you are coming to our WIZARDS Master-Mind Retreat in Costa Rica.
During 7 days we will be Reconnecting with our Body, Mind, Heart and soul, -immerse in Nature- through movement, breath work, vibrant and nurturing food, water ceremony, fire ceremony, cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance, hiking, advance alchemical Workshops, Art and a Medicine Plant Ceremony and more! Are your ready?

welcome to Paradise

What to bring?

Rubber Boots or Hicking shoes 

Cloth to exercise / Yoga style

Bathing Suit

Comfortable Cloth 

Dancing clothing 

Warm Sweeter

Rain Coat and/or umbrella

Kid Costume -The aim is for you to look like a kid 

Costume/Attire for your Jungle Goddess/God Avatar

Sketch Book, Color Pencils and/or Color Crayons


Mosquito Repellent


Sunday 15

Arrival / Welcoming Opening, Wizards Master Mind Retreat

4:44 P.M. Welcoming Ceremony and Especial Dinner

Monday 16

7:30 Somothy /Coffee

8 – 9 AM Yoga Flow

9:30:00 – 11 A.M. Water Ceremony
Blue Clay “Clearing and rejuvenating your Skin and your energetic field”

Clearing from City “clutter” Your Energetic Body
Purifying your energy field. Connecting with natural body, the earth, the rocks. the water, the trees, the sky. Feeling. Flowing. Fussing. Purifying

11:30 Brunch and Break time

1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M. “I’m your Cosmic Child Avatar” Alchemical Workshop

Please remember to bring you Cosmic Child Avatar Attire/costume
the most funny ridiculous the better.
We offer a Safe-Container for you to EXPRESS with no regrets:)
Laughter is medicine.
Learn how to connect with your Cosmic Child Avatar
Your cosmic child Avatar is a
Holographic Brain Tool
that will serve you for the rest of your life.
Learn how to connect with him.

“I’m Your Cosmic Child Avatar” This alchemical Workshop/Protocole is about giving permission to the adult mind to think out of the box. Out of the constraints of conditioning and bias. It is about Reawaken Curiosity, be daring to have more creative expansion, to play and be like a kid in discovery mode.

Benefits: It helps heal your inner child.

  • Also, When you are caught in “tunnel-vision” it helps you to get out and to open up new solutions. You feel more energize and well being sensation. Restoring inner freedom and Curiosity.
  • Expands your capacity to be discerning -specially from what main media narrative trying to convinced you-
  • Helps “opening your eyes” and SEE everyday life in a new perspective, making the ordinary “extraordinary”; specialty when observing nature.
  • Activa ting more positivism and feeling of joy
  • Also when brainstorming for business, it elevates the capacity to process more data and activates further the Creative Process.

We began by dressing like little kids, the more fun and ridiculous the better. We are holding space for you to express freely. So no worries about what others think.

Social Doodleling is happening next. A time to softly socialized and inter-act with the other participants.

Photo from our Previous Cosmic Child Protocole with students from Mexico

Holographic Visualization

Do not get confused by the fun and simplicity of this Alchemy Art Protocole. Your Cosmic Avatar is a holographic brain tool that will help to be more creative and make better decisions. Once you go through this experience you also feel FREE from societal restrictions and opinions.


Tuesday 17

7:30 Morning Hydration . Fruit Juices & Coffee (Available)

Morning 8:00 – 9:00 A.M. Breath Work and Body Movement

10:00 A.M. Brunch /Break time

12 Noon. – 2:00 P.M. Drawing and Painting with two hands in Unison WORKSHOP

Drawing with 2 hands in Unison

2- 3:30 PM GroupArt Showing, Sharing & Integration

 You don’t Need to be an artist or know how to draw or paint, you’ll be surprise how easy and fun it is; and how you can do it. 

Benefits: Activation of your right brain hemisphere

*Connects Left and Right Brain hemispheres

*Activates the Right Brain -the creative, spacial, abstract reasoning

* Calm and harmonized the “Monkey-Mind”

*Brings forth your Artist within -even if you don’t consider yourself an artist-

*Bring to consciousness hidden talents

* Expand your INTUITION by connecting mind and heart

*Therefore, it also helps to Enlarge your holographic Intelligence. Meaning you’ll be able to process more data non just logical, but emotional and “upgrade” emotional intelligence.

*Connects Heart and Mind, creating coherence in your electromagnetic filed, bringing forth an overall well being and inner connection with your superior intelligences.

1:30 – 2:30 PM Lunch

3:00 – 5:00 P.M. Cacao Ceremony

And Body Movement “Connecting with the Earth and Opening your heart”

Raw Cacao from Cacao Magic Costa Rica
Real Cacao Fruit. Preparing the Altar
Body Movement

6:30 Light Dinner: Soup & Salad

Wednesday 18

Wednesday 18 The Alchemy of HEART RE-CONEXION

Your Heart is Connected with the electromagnetic Pulse of Nature’s Principles

At this particular time in history heart connection is perhaps the most relevant experience for our survival. There are infinite ways to connect heart to heart with our beloveds … however to be present physically is so potent ! So healing! Particularly when your physical body is immersed in Nature 💚✨ Sometimes people are not even aware of how their hearts are not in coherence with the principles of their own true human nature. They not even accept that their body is nature itself: “A bio Suit” an amazing creation! What happens is that when you activate your connection with nature your heart gets activated as well ! And it feels as if rebirthing. You begin to REMEMBER your own codes, your hidden talents, your true you.

yes human electromagnetic field emanating from our human heart enters in coherence with earth frequencies (plural) . Unfortunately many people living in dense cities have lost their true heart connection, this “switch off” produces painful human disconnections, crazy fear, mental illness and physical sickness.
Our human Connection with one and other and nature , is a win-win-win VITAL for the survival of our human specie in the years to come.

During this HEART COHERENCE Activation you’ll experience the Possibility of SWITCHING ON your heart codes and Connect -perhaps like never Before- with your inner Nature, your outer nature which is your Bio-Suit and with nature’s principles.

This Potent Alchemical Protocol is about REMEMBERING who you truly are! Disengaging from the grip of the “Slave Archetype” and awakening your own emotional healing capacity.

We will begin the day with Morning Intentional “Earthing”


There will be Breath Work, Body Work, Meditation and purifying Silence.

You can also Book any day during the day a Healing Energetic Massage with amazing Therapist Jürgen Müller.

Jürgen Müller, Studied in one of the best Austrian (MANUS) massage school in Vienna
and from 25 years of experience with various techniques he has achieved his own techniques, perfectly and
sensibly therapy
The absolute devotion and love for the job and the direct connection to the universal energy strengthens the healing effect of this massage many times over, Jürgen’s customers achieve
continuos well-being; healing, chronically deep tension as well as emotionally stress-relieving.

6:00 P.M. Special Alchemical Dinner“Blind Folded Eating” and Your Sensorial Connection with Food and your natural Body

Thursday 19

7:30 – 9 AM Breakfast at Paradise Lodge

9:30 A.M. Hiking to Nauyaca Waterfall

Pic from our first Retreat
“Accessing light and water codes”

5:00 .M. Light Dinner Soup and Salad

Friday 20

7:30 AM. Smoothies / Coffee

8:00 Earthing

8:00 – 9:00 A.M. Breakfast

9:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. Silence Immersion

1:00 – 2:00 P.M. Lunch

4 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. Fire Ceremony

Connecting with your Fire Within. The Element of Fire is a potent force for shadow work. what is it that you really need to Unattached from?
Contract with your Inner Wizard.

6:30 P.M. Light Dinner

Saturday 21

10 A.M.- 3:00 P.M. Discover Your Goddess/ God Jungle AVATAR / Activating and Celebrating your Sensual Being Playshop

Please Remember to Bring Your Attire and Make Up for your JUNGLE Goddesses & Gods Avatar

Saturday 21 Evening: Plant Medicine Ceremony

“Aya and You” 5:30 pm Arrival to BHome for Plant Medicine Ceremony

This is an Overnight Ceremony happening at the Fire Temple in BHome sacred space. The Shaman serving the medicine with a vast experience is well known among our Community.

This Ceremony is OPTIONAL

It is important to PREPARE in Anticipation

Sunday 22. Wizards Master Mind Retreat is COMPLETE!

We advice you to stay an extra day to rest and Integrate after Ayahuasca Ceremony. It is wise to take care of your body to get ready for Departure either Monday or Tuesday. If you Stay just Sunday 22 Night it will be an extra charge for your room. Please let us know in advance.

For people that wish to stay extra days till Wed 25 to visit tourist attractions we can provide guidance and support. It is and extra $500 USD.

Synergy: $2,200 USD Room Double bed and Bathroom

$2,500 Private Master Suite, Queen bed and Private Bathroom

We receive ETHERIUM Crypto-Currency. LET US Know? AlchemyArtVillage@Gmail.co

What is included?

It includes 7 nights Lodging, the Aya Ceremony, plus the ENTIRE RETREAT: Ceremonies, Workshops, Adventures and Experiences.

It also includes Delicious vibrant vegan meals prepared with fresh organic ingredients.

Not included air and land transportation. And, the extra Sunday Night after Ceremony. It doesn’t include either the 3 days until Wednesday 25th

About your Trip:

You are flying to San José, Costa Rica. International Airport Juan Santamaria. 

We recommend you fly in the morning and get to Costa Rica around 11:30 A.M.

We are arranging transportation for the group in a small bus for around $70 USD per person

If you arrive later we can arrange a private chauffeur to pick you up for $150 USD 

Location: We are located in the South Pacific of Costa rica 

Costa Rica. South Pacific

This is a privileged location in Platanillo de Barú, 7 min from the famous Nauyaca Waterfalls. 20 min from Dominical Beach. 45 min from Manuel Antonio Natural Reserved. 20 min from “Chiripo” the tallest mountain of Central America.

Welcome to Paradise
Our own Waterfall. Horizontal View:)

Please Follow us on Instagram @AlchemyArtVillage for a day to day updates about our Wizards Master-Mind RETREAT here in paradise and behind the scene photos depicting Workshops Space and insights on our Art House. We have put a lot of love inside the space, have painted murals in every room and most recently we are building our Fire Sanctuary, our Jungle Amphitheater and much more:) For you to enjoy!

Also, we will be posting about FOOD and our expert Facilitators

We have been creating a magical and safe container at Alchemy Art Village to support your full human expression during your Wizard Master-Mind experience here in Paradise. Gaia is the expanded intelligence from Nature, guiding us to best support your Journey August 15 – 22. You have the option to extend your stay for another 3 extra days, until the 25th  of August.

This journey is YOUR JOURNEY! It is about INCLUDING YOURSELF and honor the energetic Contract with Yourself in order to access the BEST expression of who you are becoming during your experience in Paradise. Our time together is a GIFT. It will generate a lasting positive, transformational ripple effect in our lives. Our best synergistic dance is when we are fully present moment to moment as we experience our Wizards Master-Mind journey together.

I’ll be Serenading you at night with my rain Orchestra
Begin Preparations before Traveling

HOW TO PREPARE FOR Plant Medicine CEREMONY? This healing Ceremony is OPTIONAL – Please, Let us know in anticipation –

Wednesday 18: Plant Ceremony “Aya & You”

It is important to prepare your body and mind for the transformational process you are going to journey on.

Diet: It is best to adjust your diet to be plant-based, ideally seven days before the ceremony, and minimum three days before. Adjust to low/no sugar, reduce salt, strong spices and stimulants of all kinds including caffeine and recreational “drugs”. On the day of Ceremony eat light. We will be serving a special Brunch of fruits, smoothies, oatmeal and other recommended food to help you prepared your body for ceremony.  Be sure to chew food thoroughly to boost the digestion process and prevent irritation during the ceremony.

Preserve Sexual Energy: Sexual energy is considered one of the most sacred energies. By preserve it, you will not only clear the desire-oriented thoughts and avoid sexually conditioned processes, but more importantly. Three days is the recommended minimum to avoid sexual inter-action, however 7 days is better.

Set your INTENTION: Medicine can teach you about yourself, others, relationships, life, the planet, spirituality, and transcendence. This may challenge the belief systems you developed long ago. These belief systems are what birthed and shaped your ego, or personality, and way of relating to life. Many of these structures were built in childhood and they served us, protected us, and carried us to this moment we now nd ourselves in. Developing an attitude of acceptance and gratitude for how these protective structures have served is a part of moving into our best version. It is a step in the journey we go through in order to release what no longer serves.

THE MEDICINE: Mother Medicine is powerful and is wise to be approached with an attitude of respect, humility and contemplation. Participating in a ceremony is an opportunity for deep healing and personal development.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Ceremony is NOT recommended for people taking Psychiatric drugs or for people who have a history of mental illness.

Also, any Other prescribe or over the counter medicament need to be suspended at least 7 days before the Ceremony.

Stay tuned to Meet your Aya Server and The Ceremonial Temple

“Quantum Leap” Are you preparing?


We are happy to share that we’ve got amazing Accommodations for you in “Paradise Lodge” 🍀✨🧚‍♀️with fabulous single and double bed rooms 🦋✨🤩 Paradise lodge has a unique architecture, where nature and its organic forms have been incorporated into the design. The space has such a delicious vibe with its gardens and comfortable designed rooms, each one with its own bathroom. What a treat! Are you excited to come to paradise ? August 15-22 . Sunday August 15th is arrival day.

Start booking your airplane ✈️ tickets.
We will be waiting for you with a delicious welcoming dinner! my darlings:)


I’m coming from your future to Serve with Love, Chia

IG @chiaortegonart

IG: @alchemyartvillge